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Friday, August 19, 2005


Hayseed's Tips for Staying Healthy

Never sit on the toilet if your butt is soapy.
(We have a boat with a shower in a very small bathroom. I was all soaped up but thought I ran out of water, so sat down to wait on hubby. Yep had soap on my butt and slid right off seat)

Never walk up a hill of loose rocks with wet sandals on.
(Yep, broke my wrist)

Never volunteer to teach somone line dancing.
(Yep, broke my other wrist)

Never let the dog's leash wrap around your finger.
(Yep, broke my finger)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Fishing Hayseed Style

I arranged for the boys to meet us at the harbor to go fishing and I would stop and get worms and liver for the fish and subs from IGA for us. The subs were terrible. I got stung by a wasp on the back of my neck, then it stung Jeff when he tried to kill it. Jeff & Jeffrey were tired so they went home. Kenny & I had 3 poles 2 chairs, my big bag of stuff, his tackle boxes. The only thing I carried was my chair that was still in the bag. Where did he want to fish? Down the rocks, at the bottom of hill on the point. Of course he has tennis shoes on and is much younger and even loaded down with stuff was at the bottom in no time. I stood at the top of the hill trying to figure out how I was going to get down there. So here I am, almost 50, with sandals on trying to walk on these rocks. Luckily I had my chair in a bag cuz I used that has a large walking stick, which worked really well. By the time I got down there he already had all the poles baited and ready to go. I was sweating so bad and already wore out. Luckily I found a rock that fit my butt just perfect because the chair wasn't going to work. First cast out I got a big bite but lost it. Second cast out, got hung up on the rocks and broke my line. Had to put the second worm on myself, so now I have worm dirt and guts all over my hands (and I just painted my nails). That one got stuck on rocks too. We finally gave up there and decided to fish off the dock. I looked up the hill and it looked really steep. Kenny asked if I wanted to go thru the weeds and I said yes because I would get to walk on the land I hadn't seen yet. The weeds were up to my waist, stickers cutting my legs, kept getting that viney stuff caught in my sandals so almost tripped a hundred times. Of course by now, Kenny is already down at the dock and I'm only half way back. Finally get to top of parking lot and had to rest before I could any further. Fished until about 10:00. It was fun but my my my it sucks to be overweight, older and out of shape.

Just thought I'd share my saga.

and how was your night?

Monday, April 25, 2005


THO-The Hayseed Origination

My dad gave me the nickname of Hayseed. I have had this nickname for 47 years and to this date have thought of this as my daddy's nickname for me. I have never thought about what "hayseed" really means. Guess what I found out.

Hayseed is grass seed shaken out of hay (not so bad) but then looking further it means I'm a bumpkin or a yokel. Do you know what a bumpkin is? I didn't either. Guess what I did, I looked it up.

A bumpkin is an awkward unsophisticated person. (That isn't me)

So I looked up a yokel? (Doesn't get any better) A country person lacking refinement or elegance. Rustic.

So I looked up rustic. Yep once again unsophisticated.

So I looked up a synonym hoping it gets better and it gave me pastoral.

Pastoral means relating to shepherds or herders which I'm not, or duties of a pastor which I'm not. So I will finally settle with Charmingly simple and serene which sounds much better than a bumpkin. But I did look up bumpkins on ebay and they are very cute.

So I looked up Cute. Finally figured out why my daddy named me Hayseed. I was delightfully dainty and pretty.


Hello from Hayseed

Just testing out my first post.

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